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Estrange Reality Book I (English Edition) – Read a free sample

Estrange is a spy, a mercenary, but… The job he is obliged to honor the somewhat bored. Caught in the trap of the daily routine: training units of the Foreign Legion in French Guiana and the rescue of hostages from the clutches of kidnappers – whether in the desert or in the snowy mountains – his life changed an amazing dream when he recalls the existence of a little girl he had saved, by chance, twenty years earlier, when the plane crash.
Why remember that? Why now?
On a whim he decides to go to trace Alma and the key to the dream, but what he discovered was not part of its calculations … A foreign organization infiltrated the French army, experiments on the human genome that will result in the creation of another race and that will transform his friend, Tyrone, a hunter pursuing him like all his race, because Estrange is not an ordinary human, but a mutant! A de novo mutation caused by a virus that had reverse transcribed its RNA genome into DNA. His ancestors had become… VAMPIRES

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  • Publisher: Estange Reality; 2nd edition (March 21, 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1463721480

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