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Estrange Reality Book II (English Edition) – Read a free sample

When Alma embarks on a campaign to rescuer her lover’s soul, she doesn’t know that her genetic ability makes her the only one with the ability to discover a treasure that will change her dystopian future by restoring her lover. But it all becomes horrifyingly real when she finds the treasure chest that contains Eulil’s body, one of the Originals, the vampires that came to Earth thousands of years ago and who are responsible for the creation of mankind. Suddenly, Eulil has become the only one protecting the Human race from extinction.
Alma uncovers the fact that her genetic gift is the keystone of something much more sinister: an international conspiracy, a genetic modification of the human race in order to eliminate all vampires remaining on Earth. With the help of her lover’s friend—Sasakawa—, can she unravel the mystery of her existence, and of her uncanny link with the man she loves?
Risking everything, she travels to another dimension and becomes a hostage to get the essence of the originals that can restore her lover, Estrange, and prevent the chain of events that might follow.
Can Alma save Estrange? Changing the present is risking her life to bring back his soul. If she succeeds, the man she loves—a vampire—could change the course of history and his race’s destiny.
Regardless of Alma’s motives, does this secret organization working in the shadows, genetically modifying humans to hunt vampires, have the right to manipulate the entire world?

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  • Publisher: Estange Reality; 1st edition (April 9, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1499102840

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